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  •  ‘The only co-operative operating in foster care’
  • ‘The co-operative works hard to bring new carers into fostering’
  • ‘The Foster Care Co-operative is above all child orientated’
  • ‘The co-operative has a group of dedicated carers in the East’
  • ‘The FCC is a member of Co-operativesUK’

The Foster Care Co-operative – recruiting in the East
The Foster Care Co-operative (FCC) is an independent fostering agency, a member of Co-operatives UK, and they are currently recruiting foster carers across England and Wales. The agency is seeking carers particularly in the East so they can respond to the high number of placements requested by Local Authorities. 

FCC has a group of dedicated carers in the East, who share a commitment to offering quality placements to children and caring support to one another. They value the fact that they can share in the continuing development of The Foster Care Co-operative.  There are monthly support groups in the region which offer foster carers the chance to meet and share experiences and knowledge.

The Foster Care Co-operative is part of a small group of not-for-profit foster care agencies and the only co-operative operating in foster care in the UK.  Any surplus income FCC makes is re-invested to provide more foster care support and more training.

The agency was set up in 1999 by a senior social worker who had fostered for many years and took early retirement to establish The Foster Care Co-operative. His clear ethical approach was to grow organically and the agency works hard to bring new carers into fostering. This increases the size of the fostering pool across the country and also allows for more options when Local Authorities are looking for suitable matches for their children needing care.

FCC is now a UK wide organisation and, by striving to increase the total number of foster homes, this means there will be more trained and supported carers who can offer stable, loving family homes.

Sometimes there will be carers who, for various reasons, wish to move from their current agency. There are protocols for allowing carers to transfer agencies and the process is very clear and straightforward.

The Foster Care Co-operative is above all child orientated and takes great care to match children with foster carers and there is no pressure on staff to place children.

The agency has a special culture based on valuing staff and foster carers and FCC is dedicated to providing mutual support that will change a child’s life. Each carer knows that they can have an impact on the way the agency grows as well as making a difference in the lives of children who need stability, security and good quality care.

Anyone can apply to become a foster carer, and carers come from all walks of life.

Carers need to be able to offer a child or children a room of their own as well as offering patience, time and commitment to young people of different ages. A good sense of humour will be a great asset as well as being a good listener and having a flexible and adaptable approach to life.

In return the agency offers professional support from fully qualified social workers (each foster family has their own allocated Supervising Social Worker).  FCC gives full and comprehensive training and carers receive a fee which recognises a professional caring role.

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