This page provides information on and links to a selection of Resources that may be useful to co-operatives, those supporting co-operatives and co-operators (anyone who believes in co-operative ways of doing things).  If you have any resources that you would like to share or you know of other’s resources please do Contact Us.

The Resources

The Hive website    People and communities at different stages of setting up or developing their co-operative or social business can find out how to apply for advice and support to help them. There are also tools, templates and checklists for organisations to work through, from Business Planning to Buyouts and Conversions, and a list of preferred providers who offer one-to-one and group advice for the Hive programme.  The providers include Co-operatives East members; The Guild Social Economy Services CIC and the Co-operative Assistance Network Limited.

Co-operatives UK Resources and Guides
Co-operatives UK has a wide range of co-operative resources available through their website or to order.  See their Resources page.  The following are guides that may be of particular interest:

  • Simply Start Up – a guide to the process of starting a Co-operative or Community Enterprise.   download
  • Simply Legal – all you need to know about lrgal forms and organisational types for community enterprises.   download
  • Simply Finance – A comprehensive guide to the different options for financing a community enterprise.   download

Social Impact Measurement Toolbox  from The Guild – a practical, user friendly ‘consultant in a box’ helping small to medium sized organisations to measure social impact and build a robust impact measurement plan.   For more information on the toolbox and how to order go to their website HERE

Working with groups and co-operatives – Activities to support your Co-op or to help in working co-operatively together have been developed by First Question .    First Question is a worker co-op of trainers working in educational, community and business settings.  The following are just a few of our activities which we hope you’ll find useful, we have many more!  Please contact us to know more about the programmes we offer or to discuss a project we can tailor make for you.       Phone:   Dan: 07717 793347   Rod: 07792 093571

More detail on the following is given in the sheet attached HERE:

  • Ice Breaker  – Archipelago (or Islands) 1st   This activity helps a group to get to know about each other and can also be used to gather information. It can be fun and provide a few laughs and breaks up friendship groups and encourages people to mix.
  • Information Gathering  –  Hand Pair Share    A simple activity to gain information or views requiring participants to interact, listen and share.
  • Evaluation  – Targets   A simple way of evaluating a session or activity which gives instant feedback is by a Target evaluation.

Food Co-ops Toolkit – a simple guide to setting up a food co-op  Web-based and downloadable resources at

Green Schools Revolution – The Co-operative’s Resources for Schools Free resources for schools and parents on a range of green topics, co-operation and Fairtrade and enterprise.